Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lip Color for the Seasons

Most of the maintenance in a makeup routine goes to the lips. Over the course of your day, your lip color will fade, feather, kiss, slip, and just plain fail. Every time the season changes, I get excited to swap out my go-to lip formula.

During the fall, I usually wear a lip stain and sheer gloss combo, which I really like because it's a subtle pop of color that isn't very difficult to maintain as I'm recovering from my summer makeup hiatus.
Once winter hits and I need more color on my face, I'll wear a "full lip;" liner, lipstick applied with a brush, maybe a little bit of lip gloss.
After the 5 months of winter in my area, I'm really sick of spending time every day creating and maintaining a flawless lip; once spring comes around, I'm ready to just use a bright/bold lipgloss and run out the door.
During the summer, I usually just stick with grabbing a tinted lip balm.

Of course, some days I'll stray from this plan - I've had lip balm days in December and I've worn lipstick on a warm June evening. However, this is a pretty general overview of what I wear on my lips.

Always remember that your makeup is no good if you're uncomfortable. If you aren't 100% confident with your lip color's staying power, feel free to just tone it down. There is no shame in "naked" lips :)

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